Thank you 2013

Toronto Thorrablot 2013 – Edible Sagas = Eat, drink and be happy! Et, drekk og glaðr! Thank you!
Saturday April 13, 2013

By Arden Jackson, Thorrablot Convenor

Asked for and delivered; a community gathering of Icelandic Canadian enthusiasts and their families and abundant sharing of great Icelandic Canadian food, music, entertainment, fundraising for scholarships and groaning boards full of happy experiences to tell again and again. We ate, we drank, we sang, we spent, we laughed, listened and shared of community and quality experiences infused with the yummy joy of being together.

Lynne Thorkelsson, ICCT Treasurer, Registration and Ticket Sales for Thorrablot shared her experience. “Last night I had around 15 people come up to me on their own to tell me what a great event it was and especially how much they enjoyed themselves. It really impressed me that in the end what they remembered was what a fun time they had. I spoke to Art Gudmundson. I told him that we look for comments from those who have not been part of the organizing group and asked him for feedback. He said that at one time he and his family had dropped out of the club and now had rejoined and their main reason for re-joining is all of the Icelandic food at Thorrablot. They still eat Icelandic food (as much as possible) at home and love the chance to go out for a great meal featuring Icelandic food. During the evening one fellow reported that he came especially for a chance to taste the fermented shark. As for me I saw a fabulous event run by a skilled, efficient, friendly, helpful group whose attitudes contributed to everyone’s fun. I saw so many good examples of how to deal with the crowd that I almost hesitate to single any one thing out (but of course I have to try).

Was that Mike Smith who took Stella Hansen (one of our founding club members) on his arm to get her food for her?


Did you see Einar with the iPad taking thousands of dollars in payments so efficiently? Did you see Meredith passing appetizers while keeping her team on track? Did you see Arden ensuring every single thing went flawlessly while singing too? Did you see Holly welcome people and with a warm smile tell them about the place card as if it was new when she had just said the same thing 50 times? And all those tall young men impressing and enchanting the crowd?

And Karen as MC, what a hit! She made us all look good. What a team we make! And the food was completely fabulous!



And Linda Lundstrom as Auctioneer & Maria Reyndal leading the Icelandic Class Choir and the crowd in singing Á Sprengisandi were enchanting.”


And Lindy singing! 

More than 45 team members,1500 hours,(150 hours making desserts including 300 ponnukokur). Our guests were filled and filled with memoried Icelandic Canadian and Thorrablot food and drink and experiences to fill up their hearts and minds. We celebrated Scholarship Award winner Sacha Gudmundsson and Snorri Grant recipient Madeline Pekary.


With Halfred from Vinland, L’Anse aux Meadows, NFLD, Lindy Vopnfjord singing to the gods, Sigrun Stella Bessason gathering family and voices, Linda Lundstrom spiriting dollars into dream experiences with Iceland Air, Glacier Explorations, Ski Experiences, Bed and Breakfasts, Art and Troll Statues and more, we all left so happy and grateful for each and every person and moment and more and more stories to tell and tell again and again.

Yes, we ate, drank and even more than before, are extremely happy!


Please join us in thanking:

Karen Wallington, President ICCT

Halfred from Vínland 
(aka Fred Sheppard, Viking Re-Enactor, Parks Canada) from L’Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland.

Musical Performances
Lindy Vopnfjörd, Sigrun Stella Bessason,

Singing ‘Vísur Íslendinga’ (by Jónas Hallgrímsson)
Margrét Björgvinsdóttir, Sigrun Stella Bessason, Naomi Grossman, Halla Gunnarsdottir, Einar Johnannesson, Meredith MacFarquhar, Gudrun Olafsdottir, Karen Wallington, Maria Reyndal, Gail Einarson McCleery, Halfred (aka Fred Sheppard)

Íslenskukennsla Icelandic Class Choir
María Reyndal, Joan Christensen, Stephanie Hung, Claire de Oliveira, Betty Jane Wylie, David Roger, Jon Thordarson, Holly Wirth, Gail Einarson-McCleery, Edmund Fairfax, Susan Davis, Amanda Yilmaz

Live Auctioneer
Linda Lundström

Our Thorrablót Team:

Arden Jackson

Registration and Ticket Sales
Lynne Thorkelsson

Guest Reception
Holly Wirth, Gudrun Girgis

Program Planning
Karen Wallington, Arden Jackson, Meredith MacFarquhar

Social Media Promotion
Sacha Gudmundsson

Silent Auction
Frank and Catherine Hough, Amanda Hough, Phyllis Pollard

Live Auction Recording
Phyllis Pollard, Gudrun Girgis

Auction Sales Transactions
Lynne Thorkelson, Holly Wirth, Cathy Broughton, Joe Marshall

Raffle Ticket Sales
Lori Abe, Gail Einarson-McCleery, Jodi Amy

Thorramatur Table
Halfred from Vínland, Ivona Kucerova

Arden Jackson, Mike Smith, David Jackson Snow, Stefan Jackson Snow, Ross O’Connor Tennant, Ross Jackson, Ulle Veltman (Estonian House Café)

Lucie Jabour, Hal Frederickson, Philip Garde, Roger Freisen

Dining Room
Meredith MacFarquhar, Erik Abe, Karolina Vasiljeva, Marco Periz, Arthur Verelst

Brian Eyolfson,  David Hansen, Sean Anderson, Ivona Kucerova, Gudrun Girgis

Children’s Area
Erin Abe, Clare Downey

Sound System
Kyle Gudmundson, Lindy Vopnfjord

Photographer and Program Design
Deb O’Connor

Table Signs
Joan Christensen

Food Donations
Icelandic Brown Bread;
 Noble Culinary Graflax; Jon Thordarson, Pönnukökur; Sacha Gudmundsson, Margrét Björgvinsdóttir, Halla Gunnarsdottir, Jared Taylor, Sharon Taylor, Kleinur; Margrét Björgvinsdóttir, Margaret Van Hamme, Meredith MacFarquhar,Mysuostur; Phyllis Pollard Svið;Phyllis Pollard, Skyr; Gail Einarson-McCleery, Sætsúpa; Don Gislason, Calla Lilies; Margret Jackson, Hart Jackson Snow, Ross Jackson, Kökur og Smákökur; Holly Wirth, Pat Johnson, Lori Abe, Cathy Broughton, Fruit and Cheese; Nancy Morgan, Vínarterta; Arden Jackson

Organizational Team:
Arden Jackson, Karen Wallington, Lynne Thorkelsson, Meredith MacFarquhar, Phyllis Pollard