Snorri Grant

The ICCT awards a Snorri Grant of $500 to $1000 to a candidate who has been accepted to the Snorri Program of travel and study in Iceland.*

Please visit the official Snorri website or email for additional information, fees and application forms. All programs are non-profit.

Applicants will be considered in the following order of preference: ICCT club members, residents of Toronto, residents of Ontario, and others who do not have an INL member club in their area who can help.

HOW TO APPLY: If you have been accepted into the Snorri program please inform the Snorri director that you would like to apply for the ICCT Snorri Grant and ask that a copy of your Snorri application be forwarded to us for review. A letter of application to the ICCT should indicate an interest in sharing the Snorri experience with the club and becoming involved with the club in the future. If you have any questions, please contact our Scholarship/Grant Director at

Deadline for applications is March 1

*Snorri West and Snorri Plus applicants are not eligible for this grant.