Snorri Programs

Snorri Þorfinnsson was the first ever North American born of Icelandic decent. The Snorri Program is named in his honour.

The Snorri Program is offered to Canadians and Americans between the ages 18-28 with Icelandic heritage. Approximately 12 to 16 applicants are selected yearly for each of the Snorri programs by the Snorri Foundation. (See additional programs below) Applications for the Snorri Program are due in January of each year. 

Please visit the official Snorri website or email for additional information, fees and application forms. All programs are non-profit. The ICCT awards a Snorri grant to help defray costs. Snorri Plus and Snorri West applicants are not eligible for the ICCT grant.

The Snorri Plus Program is a two-week cultural program in August for those who are over 30.  It is suitable for people of Icelandic descent and people who have true passion for Iceland. Applications for the Snorri Plus Program are due in January of each year.

The Snorri West Program is for Icelandic youth, 18-28, who want to travel to the Icelandic settlements in Canada and the United States for four weeks during mid-summer. Applications for the Snorri West Program are due in February of each year.