Thorrablot 2013: Edible Sagas

Don’t miss the most anticipated ICCT event of the year!

‘Edible Sagas’! – Thorrablot 2013 is about creating an experience worth telling again and again!

Saturday April 13, 2013
Estonian Club of Toronto
958 Broadview Avenue, Toronto.
Cash Bar @ 6.00 pm     Dinner @ 7.00 pm      Free parking!

ICCT Member, Adult $50, Youth under 13 $25, Child under 6 $10
Non Member, Adults: $55, Youth under 13 $27, Child under 6 $12

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Join us for a great event with:

LIVE AUCTIONEERLinda Lundstrom – Inspirational Canadian Fashion Icon.

  • Iceland Air – 2 Tickets to Iceland
  • A Day with Linda Lundstrom in her Studio
  • Ski or Snowboard Day Lift Tickets for 2 and Lesson at Caledon Ski Club for 2013-14
  • Ski Telemark Rental, Lesson, Day Lift Ticket at choice of Ontario Clubs for 2013-14
  • Art Prints
  • Much more

LIVE MUSIC – with Lindy Vopnfjord performing from his new album ‘Young Waverer’ and Sigrun Stella Bessasson performing from her collection. Our own Icelandic Language Class – The Íslenskukennsla Choir leading our sing along.

VIKING CHALLENGES (Víkingaþrekraun) Back by popular demand! and Thorramatur – Traditional Icelandic Thorrablot Food

Hákarl – Rotted Shark
Harðfiskur – Wind Dried Fish
Hrutspungur – Soured in Whey Ram’s Testicles
Lifrapylsa – Liver Sausage
Blaudpylsa – Blood Sausage
For Decoration – Svið – Boiled Sheep’s Head

Icelandic Canadian Buffet – Kalt Borð

Hangikjöt: (Smoked Lamb)
Roast Lamb
Rullapylsa (Rolled, Spiced Lamb Flank)
Icelandic Brown Bread
Gravlax (Cured Salmon)
Poached Salmon
Smoked Trout
Roast Turkey
Mashed Turnip
Vegetarian Dishes

Dessert – Eftirréttur

Vínarterta (Layered Cardamom Flavoured Plum and Shortbread Cake)
Kleinur (Twisted donuts)
Mysuostur (Carmelized Whey Cheese)
Pönnukökur (Thin Pancakes filled with Jam and Whipped Cream or rolled with sugar)
Skyr (Icelandic Yogurt with Cream and Berries)
Sætsúpa (Warm Fruit Soup)
Cakes, Squares, Cookies,
Fruit and Cheese

And most importantly…..the Thorri team is gathering, readying and preparing to plan and serve up a night full of fun and about which many sagas will be told!

Please join our Thorrablot 2013 ‘Edible Sagas’ team. We still require volunteers and dessert donations. Please contact Arden at

Do you have something unique to donate to our live or silent auction? All donations are appreciated. Contact

Buy your tickets now! Put the date Saturday, April 13 2013 in your calendar for our great FOOD, FRIENDS and FAMILY EVENT!

See you soon! Sjáumst!

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