Interesting Food Traditions

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Bolludagur: Bun Day
  Bolludagur is a Lenten festival and takes place on the Monday, just before what we’d call Shrove Tuesday and Icelanders traditionally stuff themselves with cream-filled buns.



Sprengidagur: Bursting Day On Shrove Tuesday (the day before Lent) every Icelandic home and most restaurants flood with the aroma of salted meat (usually lamb) and peas. The name Sprengidagur refers to the idea that the individual feasts on this hearty dish to the point of bursting. 


Öskudagur: Ash Wednesday Ash Wednesday is celebrated in Iceland with a unique custom that is very entertaining for children. Ashes are collected into small bags known as Öskupokar or Ash Bags. As a prank, these bags are secretly pinned on to people’s clothing. The day is also marked with children singing and parading around the streets and shops, begging for treats.



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