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ICCT Membership is available to anyone who has an interest in Iceland and its unique culture and history. Many, but not all of our members are of Icelandic or Icelandic-Canadian descent.

A small annual membership fee helps keep the club running effectively so that we can continue to provide quality events and communication to our members. Members receive discounts at ICCT events and more!

Pay your membership dues with Paypal. (Optional: enter your shipping address where prompted if you would like to receive the Falkinn newsletter by regular post. This option will be ending shortly as we are working towards a paper-free newsletter)

NOTE: You should receive notification that your membership payment has been accepted shortly followed by a ‘Welcome’ or ‘Welcome back’ email from our club. If you do not receive any emails within a few days Please Contact us immediately.

Choose a ONE-TIME payment option or ONGOING (annual) membership. It’s easy!


ICCT Membership Fees for 2018 (One Year)
Membership Cost 1 Year Only Full Name(s)  
Adult $25
Family $30
Senior Couple $25
Senior Single $20


ICCT Membership for 2018, with Automatic Annual Renewal
Membership Cost Ongoing Membership Full Name(s)  
Adult $25/yr
Family $30/yr
Senior Couple $25/yr
Senior Single $20/yr

If you would prefer to send us your membership application by mail, please include a cheque made payable to the “Icelandic Canadian Club of Toronto

Peter Norman, ICCT Treasurer
130 Westmount Ave.
Toronto ON M6H 3K4

New members will receive additional information when they first join the ICCT. If you have recently become a member but haven’t been contacted yet, or if you have other questions about membership, you may contact:

Don Gislason, Membership Outreach Director
442 Castlefield Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M5N 1L5
Telephone: 416-489-7737