Icelandic National League of North America

(excerpt from the INLNA website)


The Icelandic National League of North America (INLNA) was established in 1919 as a non-political, cultural organization.  The INLNA strives to preserve the Icelandic heritage, culture and traditions our Icelandic pioneer forefathers brought to this continent by promoting cooperation among Icelandic cultural groups across North America and maintaining kinship ties with the people of Iceland.

INLNA maintains a head office, an email address, a website, a facebook presence, has regular executive meetings, annual conventions and offers a variety of programs/activities for it’s members to participate in, such as:
International Visit Tours (to/from Iceland/North America), Icelandic Heritage Calendar, INL Reads Program, Donald K. Johnson Film Screening Program, Icelandic Settlement Tours Program, INL T-Shirts, and other programs as they are developed.

In addition INLNA maintains a large email distribution ‘list’ for easy sharing of Icelandic news, information, projects, and activities.
The Icelandic National League of North America is compiled of various groups and individuals from across the United States and Canada.  The categories of involvement are:
Chapter/Club Membership
Associate Membership
Individual Membership
Provisional Membership
***See below for more details.

Chapter/Club Membership

Currently there are 18 Icelandic organizations, clubs or groups, from Canada and the United States, that are full members of INLNA.  Other Icelandic groups and organizations are invited and always welcome to join us.
Chapter/Club members enjoy input and access to all INLNA activities and programs and have voting privileges at executive meetings and conventions.
Chapter/Club members contribute to the endeavors and operation of INLNA through an annual membership fee
(based on the number of adult members in their club….
$4 each for up to 50 members, and $2 each for 51 or more
members) and have 1 vote per member at our Annual General Meeting.
    Click here to see/print the Chapter/Club Membership Form


An Associate Membership is available for ally organizations, clubs, foundations, boards, etc. that have parallel interests to INLNA and wish to support our efforts to preserve Icelandic culture and strengthen the Icelandic network across North America.
Associate member organizations pay a yearly fee of $100 and have 1 vote at the INLNA Annual General Meeting.
*The Associate Membership category replaces the Affiliate Membership that was discontinued in 2011.  However there are still a few organizations that have been ‘grandfathered’ under the Affiliate category.
     Click here to see/print an Associate Membership Form


For those individuals without an Icelandic organization in their area or who are unable to join their local Icelandic organization for some reason, the Individual Membership category offers an easy way to maintain ties with their Icelandic heritage and support INLNA projects.
Individual members pay an annual fee of $25.00 and have 1 vote at the INLNA Annual General Meeting.
    Click here to see/print an Individual Membership Form


Instead of new organizations immediately becoming full members of INLNA, this recently-created category offers new clubs and organizations an opportunity to have a one-year ‘trial membership’ with INLNA.
This membership provides inclusive access to INLNA programs and services for a one year period.
The fee is $100 for this one-year trial period, but no vote at our Annual General Meeting.
When this ‘one-time only’ Provisional Membership expires, the organization will be encouraged to consider renewing their INLNA membership under our Chapter/Club Membership category.
Click here to see/print an Provisional Membership Form 


Honorary Members

Lawrence Johnson Lifetime Achievement Award