Icelandic Camp Grant in Gimli, Manitoba

Islenskar Sumarbuðí: Icelandic Language and Heritage Camp in Gimli

A grant of $500 is available for a child 8 to 15 to attend Icelandic Camp in Gimli in the summer of 2017.

The Annual ICCT grant for Icelandic Camp in Gimli is awarded to a student of Icelandic descent who has a sincere interest in their Icelandic heritage.

The applicant or applicant’s family must be a member in good standing of the ICCT. Previous recipients will be considered only when no other suitable candidates have come forward.

Please send your completed application form to Subject: Icelandic Camp Grant Application

The grant will be presented at Þorrablót 2017. This covers the camp tuition of $350.00 plus $150.00 for other expenses.

The deadline is March 22 (Download the application below)


For over 30 years Icelandic Camp has been bringing youth of Icelandic descent together to celebrate their shared heritage.  Over eight days the campers are immersed in all things Icelandic.  From language lessons to viking crafts to writing their own saga the campers start to develop a love of their Icelandic ancestry.Located just two miles north of Gimli, Manitoba, Canada along the banks of the beautiful Lake Winnipeg, Icelandic Camp provides a safe place for campers to make new friends, visit with old ones and create memories that will last a life time.

In the beginning the idea of holding an annual camp for young people of Icelandic descent was a way to bring kids together from the local area.  With help from Lorna Tergesen, Gunnvor Danielsdottir Asmundson and several other ladies in the Gimli area, the Icelandic Language and Cultural Camp was born.

The Mission of the Icelandic Camp is to provide a place for all children and youth of Icelandic descent (non-Icelanders welcome) to gather and ignite the passion for all things Icelandic in North American youth.  We strive to have our campers learn and speak Icelandic language, not just during camp but all year round.  We promote active involvement in their local Icelandic community and strive to make each youth an advocate for Icelandic Camp!

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