Falkinn is the official newsletter of the ICCT

Once upon a time, long before Facebook and Twitter, before every single piece of information was instantaneously available at the click of a button, Falkinn was a printed newsletter that was mailed out four to six times a year to each and every membership household. It was the only resource for Icelandic cultural news relating to the Toronto and surrounding areas and it was the best way to keep our community connected.

But times change and that’s exciting!

Most of our senior members appreciate the printed newsletter while most of our younger members prefer going paperless. And Falkinn is great in any format. That is why starting January 2013 all new members will automatically receive Falkinn by email unless a special request has been made.

We love that Falkinn has been such an important staple for the club and that so many of our members look forward to reading it.