About the Club

The Icelandic Canadian Club of Toronto (ICCT) is a group of people interested in learning and sharing Iceland’s unique culture, arts, history, literature and language in the Toronto area.

Founded in 1959, The ICCT explores a wide variety of topics, from the initial settlement of Icelanders in North Amercia cira 1000 AD to the work of contemporary musicians, authors and artists.

The club has a lending library, a book club and language lessons. The ICCT awards yearly scholarships and grants.

Events are held regularly, and members are kept informed through the ICCT’s newsletter, the Fálkinn. E-mail alerts are also sent out when there are opportunities to attend special, unscheduled events.

At ICCT events, you’ll have an opportunity to share the Icelandic experience with others and to meet interesting people.

The Icelandic Canadian Club of Toronto is a member of the Icelandic National League of North America (INL of NA). If you are not in the Toronto area and are looking for an Icelandic club that is closer to you, this would be a good place to look. Also, please visit the website of Icelandic Embassy in Canada or the Icelandic Foreign Service, which has links to Iceland’s embassies and diplomatic missions all over the world. Another link of interest may be the INL of Iceland.