NEW VENUE! The event is at REVIVAL783 College Street Toronto, ON M6G 1C5 (Street Parking, 2 Paid Parking Lots)

FRIDAY April 8th

Gaman Saman! Fun Together!




6:30 PM Appetizers and Cash Bar | 7:30 PM Feast! | 10 PM After Party! Live Auction | Live Music | DJ

Þorrablót 2016 will be a cultural and culinary feast.  The main focus will be interacting with the food and understanding its history, and celebrating the rich heritage of our Icelandic ancestors with the most scrumptious and innovative food creations yet from chef Arden Jackson.  With “All in Fun” in mind, the evening’s program will feature spirited tributes to Icelandic art, poetry, storytelling, singing, and musical performances in our dazzling new venue.  We have drawn our inspiration from the best moments of past years and have reimagined Þorrablót 2016 in our new upscale setting. This year we move away from the banquet style dinner and will do away with lineups.  Limited seating will be available. People will mingle freely and socialize uninhibited and experience a program like no other.

Chef Arden Jackson Takes it to New Level!

The ‘Gaman Saman’ menu will feature edible landscapes of open faced sandwiches and individualized servings of appetizers, main courses and ‘to die for’ desserts in contemporary interpretations of Traditional Icelandic Food including: Roast Icelandic Lamb, Smoked Icelandic Lamb, Fresh and Cured Icelandic Lamb Sausages, Fresh and Cured Salmon, Whitefish, Smoked Fish, Eggs, Fresh and Grilled Root, and Leaf Vegetables, Fruits, Cheeses, Skyr, Handmade Breads and Pastries; Augmented with traditional flavours of Plum, Rhubarb, Blueberries, Apple, Birch, Juniper Berries, Spruce, Thyme, Dill, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Onion, Garlic, Mustard, Horseradish, Various Garnishes.

Karen Helena returns as MC!! Karen is back on the mic to bring the fun all night!

Supervised Children’s Play Area Games and activities, Viking costumes, and a photo booth.

A Media WallPhotos to be taken in Viking garb or fancy clothing.

Musical Performances – Sigrun Stella and Lindy Vopnfjord, and a surprise guest.

Live AuctionA few very desirable items will be auctioned off to the lucky winner.

After PartyFor latecomers and partygoers, at 10pm the venue will gradually shift into a nightclub atmosphere and there will be dancing and fun with our DJ until the wee hours.  $10 Cover.  No extra cost to ticket holders.

New this year 2016 Ticket Prices:  Family Ticket Pricing for Members: Families with more than 6 registered members are accepted as one booking together only for reduced ticket rates. Please provide full names of all members and children’s ages at time of booking (Parents, Spouses, Siblings, Children, Cousins). Please note: Table Reservations Not Available.

EARLY Gaman Saman Ticket Expires February 15 

Up to 6 Tickets (Per Immediate Family) – $60, Over 6 Tickets (Per Immediate Family) – $55, Child Age 10 and Under – $15,

Non Members  – $85, Child 10 and Under – $35


After February 15 (Deadline April 4)

Up to 6 Tickets (Per Immediate Family) – $70, Over 6 Tickets (Per Immediate Family) $65   Child Age 10 and Under – $25,

Non Members  – $125, Child 10 and Under – $50

Check for Availability after April 4, Members and Non Members – $150, Children 10 and under – $50

After Party: From 10pm (Free for Thorrablot Ticket Holders) Cover Charge – $10

To Buy Gaman Saman! Fun Together! Tickets: GET YOUR TICKETS FAST!  LAST YEAR SOLD OUT EARLY!

Pay for your tickets online (links at top of page) or by Etransfer to:, or download the form and pay by cheque payable to Icelandic Canadian Club of Toronto. Please send the order form and cheque to:  Lynne Thorkelsson, Treasurer ICCT 1680 Scugog St. Port Perry, ON. L9L 1E2                      

Please Contact: Lindy Vopnfjord with any inquiries, to volunteer your time, auction items and to join Team Thorrablot for the best Blót ever! Lindy Vopnfjord, Thorrablot Convenor  Email:


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