INL Icelandic Online Club


Since 1919, the ‘Icelandic National League of North America’ has been meeting the needs of their members in many various ways, including local clubs where members can interact and participate with one another.  Although the benefits of joining a local club are immeasurable, it has not been an option for members living outside the radius of local clubs. Realizing the needs of those members, the INL of NA has been exploring the benefits of technology to meet those needs, and are excited to announce the addition of a new, interactive, online club called the ‘Icelandic Online Club.’

By creating an online club, the INL of NA feels this will allow members to be able to participate in an interactive online club, by using various methods of technology to meet the needs of its online members.  Although this cannot replace the personal interaction provided by participating in a local club, it will allow those that were never able to participate, to benefit from being in an Icelandic club. The new online club will be a fully participating chapter of the INL of NA; members will have access to ‘Icelandic National League’ information, voting rights at the annual Convention, and inclusion in INL of NA projects.

The INL of NA launched the new interactive, ‘Icelandic Online Club’ December 31, 2011.  For additional information on the club or how to join, go to Help spread the word to others, or be one of the first to join the new online club! The club is available to all Icelanders, people of Icelandic descent, and people interested in all things Icelandic. Come join us!

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