Hekkla Historical Society announces upcoming book: History of Cardwell Twp, 1866 – 1950

The Hekkla Historical Society was formed in the winter of 2006 with the objective to gather and preserve historical information of Cardwell Township, District of Muskoka Lakes, Ontario.

They are pleased to announce our book History of Cardwell Twp, 1866 – 1950 which will be available in the coming weeks.  It contains a chapter on the first Icelandic settlement in Canada which began in 1873.  The book also contains stories of other pioneers of English, Scottish and German descent.

The book will be 185 pages with many old photographs of the pioneer families.  It will sell for $20.00 plus postage where necessary.

Anyone interested in obtaining a copy please contact: Bruce Crawford at crawford35@hotmail.com

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